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Celebrating the Healing Power of Art

ArtHOP is back for a second year! The event will take place on Thursday, June 12, from 6-8 p.m. at Live Arts. Plan to attend and you’ll have the chance to purchase beautiful photographs and paintings created by local artists, while sipping a glass of local wine and sampling delicious hors d’oeuvres. Local guitarist Peter Richardson will entertain with dynamic, lively tunes, and all proceeds benefit Hospice of the Piedmont’s Center for Children!

When:Thursday, June 12, 6 – 8 p.m.
Where: Live Arts Rehearsal Room A (4th floor), 123 Water Street East, Charlottesville
Ample parking available on Water Street
RSVP: Email your name and the number in your party to [email protected], or call (434) 972-3568. Or submit your name, contact information, and the number in your party, online.

About the Artists

Carol Alimenti | Hospice of the Piedmont Patient
It was 10 years ago that an elective move transported Carol’s family from the coast of New Jersey to the mountains of Virginia, where she immediately fell in love with the beauty of Albemarle County. Carol currently resides in Crozet, VA. She has an Environmental Science degree from UC Berkeley and completed the Virginia Master Gardening program. She is a lover of nature and its beauty and has always dappled in the visual arts. But six years ago, a diagnosis of Stage IV cancer, Leiomyosarcoma, a rare cancer with a poor prognosis and no cure, truly propelled her into the art studio. She began to take art classes at PVCC while simultaneously receiving treatment. Today, Carol is a proud six-month Hospice of Piedmont patient. I am so thankful to be a part of this exhibit because Hospice of Piedmont works so hard to ensure I maintain a high quality of life and exhibiting my art checks off yet another bucket list item!” Carol says.

Bridget Baylin | Hospice of the Piedmont Volunteer
Bridget found Hospice when she realized how much we could learn from those who are dying. Bridget says she has been extremely lucky to be a volunteer for Hospice of the Piedmont for almost seven years. She is constantly reminded through this organization that accompanying people during the end of their lives and through the grief that follows is far from depressing or frightening. In fact, everyone she’s met working or volunteering seems to be enlightened, happy, and grateful. Bridget is extremely proud to help Hospice of the Piedmont in any way that she can, she says.
Bridget started painting when she needed to carve out a few hours a week when she could shut off the phone, close the refrigerator, escape from carpooling, and constantly hectic work and family schedule. She needed a creative, meditative outlet that was quiet and still. Oil painting has become a wonderful outlet and respite for Bridget.

Ryan Compton | Hospice of the Piedmont Supporter
A graduate from the VCU Arts school, Ryan Compton is an oil painter in the realist tradition. He enjoys painting the everyday objects around him and believes they have a value that should be acknowledged. As a result of this, many of his paintings become portraits of the objects, elevating them to a higher level of importance. In order to translate the full three-dimensional experience of the subject, all of his paintings are created from direct observation. He currently lives in Richmond, VA, and hopes to continue to paint and share his art.

Joseph DiMaria, III | Hospice of the Piedmont Supporter
As the fiance to Hospice of the Piedmont’s Medical Director, Joeseph has had the privilege of discovering the wealth of needed services that Hospice of the Piedmont provides to the community. He’s been impressed by the great care and dignity with which HOP treats every patient and their families. He considers it a great honor to be part of ArtHOP in support of Hospice of the Piedmont’s community-driven mission.
Joseph was born in Pennsylvania, but grew up in Chesapeake, Virginia. He graduated as valedictorian of Indian River High School in 1995, and received a BA in Biology from UVA in 1999. Since childhood, Joseph always had a deep appreciation for the rich beauty of nature in all its magnificent forms. Photography is an outlet which he genuinely enjoys that combines my appreciation of technology, art, and nature. Although inspired by the exotic, Joseph more frequently captures what is around us every day that goes unnoticed by the casual observer. As his biology background may suggest, fauna is of particular interest to him and subsequently the subject of many of his photos. The message to be shared is that it only takes a moment to observe and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the world around us. The universe is filled with amazing sights of exquisite diversity far too wondrous not to be captured and shared. Its mysteries are many and its expanse infinite!

Karyn Dingledine | Hospice of the Piedmont Supporter
Karyn paints much of the time on-location outdoors, where she is inspired by the changing qualities of light and atmosphere in the landscape, particularly around the Chesapeake Bay and the mountains of Virginia. Her work is presently in several galleries in the Chesapeake Bay region of Virginia, and has been exhibited in Richmond and surrounding localities.
Karyn grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. She taught art in the Albemarle County Schools after earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts at VCUs School of Arts, as well as her Master of Education at UVA. She continues her studies today with various artists. Karyn lives in Charlottesville, VA, and Mathews County, VA.

Martha Fruehauf | Hospice of the Piedmont Volunteer
Martha grew up in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI, with an accomplished painter for a mother and a very talented photographer as a father. Consequently, she grew to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us in our everyday life. Her sense of space and color comes from watching her mother decorate and entertain. Her mathematical side, inherited from her father, gives Martha a feel for the depth and the relationship between objects. After moving to Virginia to attend college, Martha fell in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains and decided to make this area her permanent residence.
Martha is a great fan of digital photography because of the amazing technology involved. She also loves the range of options that are available in terms of post-processing software. She can often be found at her computer playing around with different pictures to see the various effects that can be produced. Photography is the perfect outlet for her creative side; she loves the way it causes her to be drawn into the environment looking for new and distinctive things to capture.
Hospice found Martha in Charlottesville through a friend’s introduction, although she was already familiar with the hospice concept. What Martha found here in Charlottesville is a truly remarkable group of dedicated individuals who strive for excellence in end-of-life care. She says she is honored to be a small part of Hospice of the Piedmont and hope that you will take the time to learn about all of the wonderful things that they do for our community.

Susanne Fruehauf | Hospice of the Piedmont Supporter
Palm Beach resident, Susanne McMaster Fruehauf, is an accomplished artist of many years. She works in all kinds of mediums, including oils and acrylics, and is widely recognized for her use of color and distinctive “primitives.” Having traveled extensively, she brings a vast knowledge of different cultures and ethnicities to her pieces, which are often whimsical. Her works hang widely across the Continental United States.
At 83 years of age, Susanne continues to expand her skills and knowledge, having recently traveled to Aix-en-Provence, France, to study with Cézanne expert, Jill Steenhuis-Ruffato, at Atelier L’Abeille.
The two prints, “Voice of the Turtle I” and “Voice of the Turtle II”, are an homage to Susanne’s love for her environment and her passion for the eternal care of the majestic sea turtles.

Alex Gould | Hospice of the Piedmont Supporter
Alex is participating in ArtHOP and donating this painting to support the Center for Children, specifically the Piedmont Kids program. Alexa’s wife, Annie, and Alex feel that this is a very worthwhile cause that can provide much-needed support and care for families and terminally ill children in central Virginia. The title of the donated piece is “Platform: 70 Feet.” This photo features the underwater activity 70 feet below the surface of an actively functioning oil rig. At a young age, Alex had the opportunity to assist his father with underwater photography. Along with that experience, he was able to meet several talented marine artists. Namely, David Doubilet, Richard Ellis, and William Lawrence.

Kacie Karafa | Hospice of the Piedmont Art Therapist
Kacie has enjoyed making art all of her life and was privileged to study and earn a Bachelor’s degrees at Occidental College and the Corcoran School of Art. She explored painting, collage, and printmaking in depth, and buds, berries, and other natural materials usually appear in her art work. To combine her love of art and her desire to help people, she discovered art therapy and received a Master’s in Art Therapy at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Kacie found hospice in 1996 while training to be an art therapist, working with children with cancer at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. There, her desire to use expressive art to help sick and grieving children share their dreams, memories, and feelings budded. This wish bloomed into reality when Kacie joined Hospice of the Piedmont in 2001. The Journeys program had just begun and they were looking for a second art therapist.
She doesn’t have much time to make art now, but Kacie loves to dabble with and be around art materials while working with children and families in the Journeys program. She’s inspired by the way they creatively express themselves, demonstrating the healing power of art as they navigate their grief journey. My heart swells when I learn that another child is helped by the work of Hospice of the Piedmont, she said.

Cathy Lively | Hospice of the Piedmont Art Volunteer
Cathy Lively resides near Nellysford with her husband. She has been a student of local artists for a number of years and her diverse painting styles reflect a fascination with the natural world and all its transformations. Sunset at Bridge Pointe has a very personal meaning to Cathy because this is the view that her father enjoyed most every evening while sitting in his favorite chair on the porch overlooking the Cooper River. In fact, the photograph which provides the basis of the work, was taken the evening of his burial at St Michael’s Church in Charleston, SC. During the last month of his life, Cathy’s father was assisted by Hospice of Charleston and the family is truly grateful for all compassionate care he was given.

Marissa Minnerly | Hospice of the Piedmont Nurse/Case Manager
Hospice found Marissa in 1993 when her mother was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 59. Her cancer was advanced and treatments offered little to no chance of recovery and a great deal of suffering. She chose to not have any treatments. Marissa was not a nurse then and did not know about hospice. She remembers her mother and their family feeling so frightened and alone. Later in nursing school, she learned about hospice and thought how helpful it would have been for her mother and their family. Marissa came to hospice after seven years in nursing but feels that it found her long before she knew what it was.
Marissa was born in New York City and at seven years old, her family moved to Mexico City. The impressions of color and texture in Mexico’s colorful markets and small villages made a strong impression on her. During a childhood illness, which required bed rest for two months, an interest in art was deepened by Marissa entertaining herself in bed with doll making, embroidery, and drawing. At sixteen, she attended the Negrete Institute of Art in San Miguel de Allende and studied painting, life drawing, and stained glass. Later she returned to New York, spending time at the Art Students League in the evening while working as a tutor for teenagers seeking to obtain their GED, and as art counselor at the NYC Children’s Art Museum. She has lived in Crozet for 20 years. Marissa has worked as a nurse for the past 15 years but continue to enjoy painting in her free time.

Baxter Perkinson | Hospice of the Piedmont Supporter
Dr. Baxter Perkinson was born in Petersburg, VA, and raised in Powhatan. He moved to Richmond at age 12, and developed an interest in dentistry when he went to VCU/MCV School of Dentistry for dental treatment. He graduated from dental school in 1970. He’s been practicing dentistry for 45 years and is the founder and president of Virginia Family Dentistry, a multi-specialty practice with eleven locations and more than 300 employees.
Dr. Perkinson’s interest in art began in 1979 with a little coaxing from his wife, Elaine, to take lessons from a friend. He is an avid watercolorist and gives away his paintings to various philanthropies. His gift of art has raised millions of dollars for local charities throughout Virginia. He has never sold a painting for a profit. Dr. Perkinson and his wife have four children and eight grandchildren. Three of his children are dentists in his practice. He is a past rector of VCU, served as vice president of the VCU Health Systems board, and has served on the VCU Board of Visitors and VCUHS Board. He is currently on the MCV Foundation Board of Trustees, the MCV Foundation Board Resource Committee, and is the president of the VCU Alumni Foundation.

Shamin Sisson | Hospice of the Piedmont Supporter
Having followed the development of the Hospice movement since the 1970s, knowing committed and exceptionally well prepared volunteers , and seeing Hospice at work first hand with a very close friend and her family, Shamim Sisson is honored to be a part of ArtHOP 2014. She deeply appreciates the remarkable and invaluable services that the Hospice of the Piedmont provides. Having returned to painting in 1995 and concluded a long career in higher education in 2006, Shamim now works from her studio in Charlottesville VA. Her artistic development has been influenced by continued art education through classes at the McGuffey Art Center and study with outstanding artists in Virginia and beyond. Painting in both pastels and oils, she is most interested in the quality of light as it touches people, still lifes, and interiors. Shamim’s work has been shown locally and regionally and her art is part of both individual and corporate collections.

Sarah Trundle | Hospice of the Piedmont Volunteer
As a former clinical social worker, and current stay-home mom, Sarah found hospice when she found herself wanting to volunteer and give back in a capacity that honored those social work roots, and took her outside of the world of her own children, family, and friends. Also, she notes that her life has been increasingly touched by death, and she wanted to be more comfortable with this universal and inevitable component of life. Sarah was drawn to hospice as the perfect fulfillment of those desires.
Oil painting is a relatively new-found interest for Sarah. While she has always fancied herself somewhat artistic, she had never pursued it in any formal way. She took a local oil painting class several years ago, and have been dabbling ever since. Sarah loves the idea of breaking down objects and scenes into their most basic shapes and colors and shadows. She looks forward to more years of dabbling and evolving!

Linda Verhagen | Hospice of the Piedmont Supporter
It is important to listen to your inner voice and be passionate about what you paint. For Linda, nature has always been that source of inspiration. What she sees in nature is a starting point for her to express herself using the language of paint, brush, and paper. The idea is not to paint a copy of nature, but rather to create a work of art. It is the creative process and the journey of painting that is important to her rather than the final product. The start of every painting represents a new beginning and so embodies the hope of good things to come. With only a general idea in mind, she usually begins a painting with a wet-on-wet technique where wet paint is placed on wet paper and the paint is allowed to flow freely. It is from these loose forms that she begins to develop order out of chaos, not always knowing where the journey will take her. Through the combination of soft and hard edges, strong value contrasts, flowing organic lines, and a tapestry of positive and negative shapes, Linda hopes to transorm nature into a new creation and help the viewer to experience nature in a new way.

Kathy Walmsley | Hospice of the Piedmont Volunteer
Hospice found Kathy when her sister, Sally, was in the final stage of her battle with brain cancer. Hospice was a tremendous support to Sally, her immediate family, and extended family. Kathy knew when she was ready, she wanted to give back to Hospice.
Kathy knew after completing her first oil painting class that she wanted to pursue painting as a hobby and who knew where else it would take her. She is drawn to cows, she says, because of where she resides. She has the chance to see cows on a daily basis and they make her smile. They are such gentle creatures and have priceless expressions. Kathy finds peace, inspiration, and exhilaration through painting, and says she feels blessed every day she is able to pick up a brush or palette knife.

Molly Wright | Hospice of the Piedmont Supporter
Hospice found Molly when her mother was ill with pulmonary fibrosis. She is an acrylic and oil painter from Savannah, GA, and currently lives mostly in Charlottesville to be with her mother. Molly says she treasures this opportunity to be with her mother at this point in their lives. I believe that our relationship is reflected in my work, though I am not sure I can put my finger on how, she says. I do know that it has been easier to paint and my desire has been greater.
Molly’s vibrant, sometimes non-representational paintings, are a product of her attempt to stay out of her own way and allow God to flow through her.

Numerous Kids Served by Journeys
As part of the Center for Children, Hospice of the Piedmont’s Journeys program provides help for grieving children and their families. At a recent grief day camp, the campers were asked to paint a piece to reflect the theme: Healing Grieving Hearts.

Other featured artists this year

We’re pleased to announce that we will feature artwork at the 2014 ArtHOP event by the following artists:

  • Richard Crozier

All proceeds from the ArtHOP 2014 will benefit the Center for Children. As part of the Center for Children, the Journeys program at Hospice of the Piedmont provides help for grieving children and their families.