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Celebrating the Healing Power of Art and Music 

ArtHOP is back for a second year! The event will take place on Thursday, June 12, from 6-8 p.m. at Live Arts. Plan to attend and you’ll have the chance to purchase beautiful photographs and paintings created by local artists, while sipping a glass of local wine and sampling delicious hors d’oeuvres. Local guitarist Peter Richardson will entertain with dynamic, lively tunes, and all proceeds benefit Hospice of the Piedmont’s Center for Children!

When: Thursday, June 12, 6 – 8 p.m.
Where: Live Arts Rehearsal Room A (4th floor), 123 Water Street East, Charlottesville
Ample parking available on Water Street
RSVP: Email your name and the number in your party to, or call (434) 972-3568. Or submit your name, contact information, and the number in your party, online.

About this year’s artists

Artist Bio: Bridget Baylin
I found Hospice when I realized how much we could all learn from those who are dying. I have been extremely lucky to be a volunteer for Hospice of the Piedmont for almost six years, contributing to the marketing and development efforts. I am constantly reminded through this organization that accompanying people during the end of their lives and through the grief that follows is far from depressing or frightening. In fact, everyone I have met doing work for hospice seems to be enlightened, happy and grateful. I am extremely proud to help Hospice of the Piedmont in any way that I can.

I found painting when I realized I needed to carve out a few hours a week where I could shut off the phone, close the refrigerator, escape from the carpooling and constantly hectic work and family schedule. I needed a creative, meditative outlet that was quiet and still. Oil painting has become a wonderful outlet and respite for me.

Artist Bio: Martha Fruehauf
I grew up in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI with an accomplished painter for a mother, and a very talented photographer as a father. Consequently, I grew to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us in our everyday life. My sense of space and color comes from watching my mother decorate and entertain. My mathematical side, inherited from my father, gives me a feel for the depth and the relationship between objects. After moving to Virginia to attend college, I fell in love with the Blue Ridge mountains and decided to make this area my permanent residence.
I am a great fan of digital photography because of the amazing technology involved. I also love the range of options that are available in terms of post-processing software. I can often be found at my computer playing around with different pictures to see the various effects that can be produced. Because I cannot draw very well, photography is the perfect outlet for my creative side; I love the way it causes me to be drawn into the environment looking for new and distinctive things to capture.
Hospice found me in Charlottesville through a friend’s introduction, although I was already familiar with the Hospice concept. My mother often donated many of the works that she created to benefit the Hospice where my parents live in Florida. What I found here in Charlottesville is a truly remarkable group of dedicated individuals who strive for excellence in end-of-life care. I am honored to be a small part of Hospice of the Piedmont and hope that you will take the time to learn about all of the wonderful things that they do for our community.

Artist’s bio: Kacie Karafa
Kacie Karafa is employed as an art therapist at Hospice of the Piedmont and helps coordinate and run the Journeys program. Kacie has enjoyed making art all of her life and earned Bachelor’s degrees at Occidental College and the Corcoran School of Art followed by a Masters in Art Therapy at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
She loves to work with children in the Journeys program where she can combine her love of art with her desire to help people. Kacie is inspired by the grieving children and teens who demonstrate the healing power of art as they navigate their grief journey.

Artist Bio: Catherine Lively
Catherine Lively is new to the painting world but not to the art world. She has spent a lifetime involved in creative artistic endeavors. She is an accomplished photographer and gardener, designs jewelry and beading pieces, and creates lovely cross-stitch works. She also founded for custom wine charms. A watercolor class in Scottsdale, AZ, introduced Catherine to painting and for the past two years she has studied with Karen Blair of Crozet and Richmond and Tina Mayland of Seabrook Island, SC. She now works in oils. Catherine came to Hospice of the Piedmont when a dear friend of hers, Perrie May, recruited her in 2013 as a volunteer helping with outreach.

Artist Bio: Marissa Minnerly
Hospice found me in 1993 when my mother was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 59. Her cancer was advanced and treatments offered little to no chance of recovery and a great deal of suffering. She chose to not have any treatments. I was not a nurse then and did not know about hospice. I remember my mother and our family feeling so frightened and alone. Later in nursing school, I learned about hospice and thought how helpful it would have been for my mother and our family. I came to hospice after 7 years in nursing but I feel that it found me long before I knew what it was.
Marissa was born in New York City ; when she was seven years old, her family moved to Mexico City. The impressions of color and texture in Mexico’s colorful markets and small villages made a strong impression on her. During a childhood illness which required bed rest for two months an interest in art was deepened by entertaining herself in bed with doll making, embroidery and drawing. At sixteen Marissa attended the Negrete Institute of Art in San Miguel de Allende and studied painting, life drawing and stained glass. Later she returned to New York spending time at the Art Students League in the evening while working as a tutor for teenagers seeking to obtain their GED, and as art counselor at the NYC Children’s Art Museum. Marissa has lived in Crozet for 20 years with her husband Paul and daughters Sophia and Julia. She has worked as a nurse for the past 15 years but continues to enjoy spending time painting in her free time.

Artist Bio: Sarah Trundle
As a former clinical social worker, and current stay-home mom, I found hospice when I found myself wanting to volunteer and give back in a capacity that honored those social work roots, and took me outside of the world of my own children, family and friends. Also, as I age, my life has been increasingly touched by death, and I wanted to be more comfortable with this universal and inevitable component of life. I was drawn to hospice as the perfect fulfillment of those desires.

Oil painting is a relatively new-found interest for me. While I always fancied myself somewhat “artistic” I had never pursued it in any formal way. I took a local oil painting class several years ago, and have been dabbling ever since. I love the idea of breaking down objects and scenes into their most basic forms and colors and shadows. I look forward to more years of dabbling and evolving!

Artist Bio: Linda Verhagen
It is important to listen to your inner voice and be passionate about what you paint. For me nature has always been that source of inspiration. What I see in nature is a starting point for me to express myself using the language of paint, brush and paper. The idea is not to paint a copy of nature, but rather to create a work of art. It is the creative process and the journey of painting that is important to me rather than the final product. The start of every painting represents a new beginning and so embodies the hope of good things to come. With only a general idea in mind I usually begin a painting with a wet-on- wet technique where wet paint is place on wet paper and the paint is allowed to flow freely. It is from these loose forms that I begin to develop order out of chaos, not always knowing where the journey will take me. Through the combination of soft and hard edges, strong value contrasts, flowing organic lines, and a tapestry of positive and negative shapes, I hope to transform nature into a new creation and help the viewer to experience nature in a new way.

Artist Bio: Kathy Walmsley
Hospice found me when my sister, Sally, was in the final stage of her battle with brain cancer. Hospice was a tremendous support to Sally, her immediate family, and extended family. I knew when I was ready I wanted to give back to Hospice where I could.
I knew when I completed my first oil painting class that I wanted to pursue painting as a hobby and who knew where else it would take me. I am drawn to cows, I think, because of where I live. I have the chance to see cows on a daily basis and they make me smile. They are such gentle creatures and have priceless expressions. I find peace, inspiration and exhilaration through my painting, I feel blessed everyday I am able to pick up a brush or palette knife.

Artist Bio: Molly Wright
Hospice found me when my mother was ill with pulmonary fibrosis. I am an acrylic and oil painter from Savannah, Georgia and am currently living mostly in Charlottesville to be with her.   I treasure this opportunity to be with her at this point in our lives. I believe that our relationship is reflected in my work, though I am not sure I can put my finger on how. I do know that it has been easier to paint and my desire has been greater.
My vibrant, sometimes non-representational paintings, are a product of my attempt to stay out of my own way and allow God to flow through me.

Other featured artists this year
We’re pleased to announce that we will feature artwork at the 2014 ArtHOP event by the following artists:

  • Joseph DiMaria III
  • Dr. Baxter Perkinson
  • Susanne Fruehauf
  • Karyn Dingledine
  • Richard Crozier
  • Alex Gould
  • Shamim Sisson
  • Ryan Compton

All proceeds from the ArtHOP 2014 will benefit the Center for Children. As part of the Center for Children, the Journeys program at Hospice of the Piedmont provides help for grieving children and their families.