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End of Life Services Provided to the African American Community

Entering the final stage of life can be a trying time for you and your loved ones, hospice care can make your loved one’s final days as painless and comfortable as possible. Typically, hospice services are underutilized by African Americans—which is why the staff at Hospice of the Piedmont want to make sure everyone knows that hospice services are available for all Americans, regardless of skin color. Continue reading to learn more about the services available.

At Home Care

Our trained staff visits your loved one right where they’re most comfortable—their home. Whenever your loved one needs assistance, our staff members are available 24 hours a day to administer treatment, offer comfort and make sure that they enjoy the highest quality of life.

Hospice House

If your loved one needs 24/7 care, our Hospice House in Charlottesville, Virginia houses up to eight people at a time in a comfortable, home-like environment. Staff members remain at the house 24 hours a day to care for your loved one’s needs. Each room is completely private and comes with a separate bed and bathroom.

Palliative Care

Pain, suffering, and fear don’t have to be part of the end-of-life journey. Our palliative care experts can help your loved one manage physical symptoms such as pain, nausea, headaches, and inflammation, as well as signs of emotional distress like depression and anxiety. We visit your loved one in their own home to make the process as comfortable as possible. Your loved one doesn’t have to be suffering from a terminal illness to qualify for palliative care.

Grief Counseling

Our licensed therapists can help you process your grief, memorialize your loved one, and start taking steps to move forward whenever you’re ready. Our grief counseling services are free to anyone, even people who did not place their loved one in hospice care.

Alternative Care

In addition to our traditional hospice treatments, we offer alternative therapies such as art, music, massage, and Reiki healing. These treatments are offered in combination with traditional Western medicine.

Veteran’s Services

Thousands of men and women come back from the battlefront with injuries and disabilities that subsist well into their final stages of life. Our veterans’ program honors veterans in hospice care and attends to their specific needs.

We hope members of the African American community are aware of the hospice services we have on offer so they do not have to handle the end-of-life journey on their own. To learn more about our end-of-life care services, contact Hospice of the Piedmont at 800-975-5501.

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