Early Referrals Benefit Patients

Early Referrals Benefit Patients

“I wish we had known about hospice much sooner.”

- Patients and families who have received our loving care

We often hear from our patients and families that they wish they’d benefited from the care of HOP sooner.

The oldest and most experienced hospice in the region, Hospice of the Piedmont has cared for tens of thousands of terminally ill patients with exceptional, compassionate pain control and symptom management. The only community-based, not-for-profit hospice in the area, we go above and beyond: We provide whole family end-of-life care, giving loved ones—children to adults—a safe and supportive place to grieve in our grief support program.

dock-toward-futureWe are dedicated to never hearing regret from a family again. That’s why we work to get patients who need us into hospice care sooner, so they can be made comfortable and enjoy as much meaningful time with loved ones as possible. While most patients are referred only in the last days of life, qualified patients can receive our services for as long as the ongoing prognosis is six months. Early referral benefits patients by improving their quality of life as soon as they come under our care. Our goal is to enhance the end-of-life process for the entire family by meeting the practical, emotional, and spiritual needs of everyone on the end-of-life journey, as well as the patient’s physical and medical requirements.

We want to make it easy for you. To facilitate transfer to Hospice of the Piedmont, our patient care coordinators and admission nurse work closely with you and your staff. We’ll talk with your patients and families about our services at no cost, regardless of whether the patient is admitted to HOP. Our Hospice Nurse Educators help communicate with patients and families, and facilitate transitions regardless of placement after a hospitalization.

woman-looking-out-windowOnce admitted to Hospice of the Piedmont, our Senior Medical Director, the region’s only full-time Medical Director who is also specially trained in end-of-life care and pain management, will collaborate with you to determine the most cost-effective pain and symptom management program.

We see hospice as a partnership and encourage you to oversee your patient’s hospice care. As an attending physician, you are eligible for Medicare reimbursement related to care plan oversight and can bill for services as usual. You develop the plan of care, in collaboration with the hospice interdisciplinary team, and approve orders; are invited to attend hospice weekly interdisciplinary team meetings, if desired; and may request a professional consultation of your patient by HOP’s Senior Medical Director or medical team, any of whom are happy to assist in symptom management. Only the attending physician and hospice may bill Medicare for services relating to the terminal illness.

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