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Grief and Healing

Everyone experiences loss. That’s why we offer free, ongoing bereavement support for the entire community, whether your loved one used our hospice services or not. From support groups and counseling to memorial services and more, we help individuals, families, and communities live forward after loss.


Hospice of the Piedmont Grief and Healing

No one should have to cope with loss alone. We provide grief counseling to anyone who needs it, even if their loved one wasn’t in our care. 

Download the calendar of upcoming support groups

Pre-registration is required for all groups. Please call 434-817-6915 or email

Zoom Groups

Drop-In: Support Group for General Grief

Tuesdays from 5:30–6:30 pm

Grieving the loss of a loved one is a painful, yet natural part of healing. We are here to help you navigate through that process. Please join us for a drop-in support group where grief related to any loss can be shared and supported. Participants can attend just one time or as many times as needed. Starting on April 11th and ending May 2nd.

Drop-In: Loss of Spouse/Partner Women’s Group

Mondays from 4:30–5:30 pm

This is a drop-in group specifically for women who have lost a partner or spouse to connect with others who have experienced a similar loss. Participants can attend just one time or as many times as needed. Starting on January 9th and ending June 19th.

Men’s Grief Support Group

Mondays from 12:00–1:00 pm

This will be a structured group specifically for men who have lost someone. Participants will learn about the unique ways men grieve a loss and have an opportunity to talk with other men who are going through a similar experience. Starting on April 3rd and ending April 24th.

In-Person Groups

General Grief Group (Charlottesville)

Thursdays from 5:30–6:30 pm

This facilitated eight-week support group offers participants an opportunity to explore grief themes and share strategies for navigating grief in a community of trust. A book and journal will be provided. Starting June 22nd and ending August 9th. Registration closes on June 20th.

Loss of Spouse/Partner Women’s Group (Charlottesville)

Tuesdays from 3:45–5:00 pm

Our loss of a spouse or life partner support group provides a safe place to connect with other women who have experienced a similar loss. This group will be a structured group with guided reading. Books will be provided. Starting August 8th and ending September 26th. Registration closes on August 5th.

Workshop: Mother’s Day Grief

Saturday, May 6th, 3:00–4:30 pm

Mother’s Day can be a challenging time for anyone who has lost their mother or a mother figure. In this workshop, we will come together to share memories of our mothers, honor their gifts, and reflect on their continued presence in our lives by using expressive arts. We will provide supplies for the expressive arts activity.

Hybrid Groups

Remembering Our Children

First Monday of Every Month from 5:30–6:30 pm

If you are a parent who has experienced the death of your child (of any age), we invite you to join us for grief education, support, and healing.

Register for Groups

To learn more, call us at 434-817-6915, or email us at


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Support Groups

Grief Share
Offers in-person faith-based general grief support groups; enter your zip code and in-person groups are listed for your area.

Spiritual Care Support Ministries (Warrenton)
Provides faith-based education, training, counseling, and spiritual support to those who are ill, dying, grieving, and experiencing personal loss, as well as those who journey with them.

Very Well Mind
Provides links to seven on-line grief support platforms that offer group and/or chatroom services for specific and general grief. accommodations. Each listing includes user reviews and photos.

This national public media initiative explores the transformative experience of losing a family member in a death in a grief-avoidant society. It includes a one-hour television documentary, media-rich website, social media campaign, and numerous community engagement events, all aimed at starting a national conversation about grief.
Run by David Kessler, one of the world’s foremost experts on grief and loss, this site provides a wealth of resources including on-line support groups and podcasts.
This faith-based organization provides a curriculum for its network of support groups across the U.S. In addition to connecting the bereaved to support groups, the site provides resources and free daily email encouragement.
The website of bestselling author and grief specialist Dr. Alan Wolfelt. The site provides many resources.
A website dealing with loss and grief in the black community; provides resources for adult and children’s grief support.


What Happens in the Brain When We Grieve
Host Emily Kwong talks with psychologist Mary-Frances O’Connor about the process our brains go through when we experience grief.


Recommended Books on General Grief
Download our complete list of recommended books.

Support Groups

Widowed Friends (Charlottesville)
An inclusive peer support group for anyone who has outlived the spouse/partner with whom they were planning to spend the rest of their life.

Widowed Village Meetings
Offers online grief support groups for those who have experienced the death of a spouse or partner.


Widowed Village
A valuable resource for those who have experienced the death of a spouse or partner. Includes resources and access to online groups and lists.

Sisterhood of Widows
A valuable resource for those who have experienced the death of a spouse or partner. Includes resources and access to on-line groups and lists.

National Widowers Organization
Includes resources specific to men’s spouse/partner loss.

Legacy Connect
Grief support for gays and lesbians who have lost spouses/partners.


Widow We Do Now
Podcast for young widows that tackles heavy grief topics with authenticity and humor.

Books & Videos

Recommended Books for Loss of a Spouse / Partner
Download our complete list of recommended books for the loss of a spouse / partner.

Support Groups

Compassionate Friends (Piedmont Chapter)
A Charlottesville-based grief support group for parents who have lost a child.


Compassionate Friends
Provides support to families who have lost children through resources, online groups, and chatrooms. Includes connection to local chapters for in-person meetings.

Bereaved Parents USA
Offers resources, support, understanding, encouragement, and hope to bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents.

Infant Loss Resources
Provides grief support resources to families who have lost babies.

Unspoken Grief
A safe place to share, support, and learn about the impact of miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal loss.

Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support
Share is a community for anyone who experiences the tragic death of a baby. Share is a national organization with over 75 chapters in 29 states.


Connecting Through Grief When a Child Dies
Podcast created at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital by parents who have experienced the death of a child. Each episode in this series focuses on a different aspect of early grief.


Recommended Books for Loss of a Child
Download our complete list of recommended books for the loss of a child.

Support Groups

Survivors of Suicide
A Charlottesville-based grief support group for people who have lost a loved one by suicide.

Survivors for Life
A Culpeper-based grief support group for those affected by the unique grief associated with the loss of a loved one to suicide.

Parents of Suicides and Friends & Families of Suicides (POS-FFOS)
Provides a public message board called Suicide Grief Support Forum, a listserv for parents, a separate listserv for others, and an online chat room for survivors of suicide loss.


After A Suicide Resource Directory
This online directory links people grieving after a suicide to resources and information. 

Alliance of Hope for Suicide Survivors
This organization for survivors of suicide loss provides information sheets, articles, a blog, and a community forum through which survivors can share with each other.

Friends for Survival
This organization is for suicide loss survivors and professionals who work with them. It produces a monthly newsletter and runs the Suicide Loss Helpline (1-800-646-7322). It also published Pathways to Purpose and Hope, a guide to building a community-based suicide survivor support program

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)
This organization provides resources and programs for people grieving the loss of a loved one who died while serving in the U.S. armed forces or as a result of their service. It has exceptional resources and programs for suicide loss survivors.

Suicide Prevention Awareness Resource Counsel
This Region Ten organization provides resources for suicide awareness and hosts an annual walk to raise resources for its programs and remember loved ones who died by suicide.


Learning to Heal
From Chloe Ashton & Dr. Sue Simring, the Life After Suicide Podcast

Books & Videos

Recommended Books & Videos for Loss of a Loved One by Suicide
Download our complete list of recommended books and videos for the loss of a loved one by suicide.

Support Groups

The Anti-cruelty Society Working Through Pet Loss
A free virtual support group.
Provides a forum for pet loss.


Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
Provides a safe place for grieving pet parents to find caring support.

Books & Videos

Recommended Books for Loss of a Pet
Download our complete list of recommended books for the loss of a pet.