After Hours Team

Family caregivers rely on hospice nurses for care and resources, seeking out information, advice, and comfort in times of need – whether that time of need is during the regular business day or late in the evening or over the weekend. Studies show that the majority of patients and caregivers have found that discussing their concerns with the nurse over the phone reduces their anxiety and provides comfort. But, patients and caregivers are sometimes hesitant to use these call services because they are afraid to disturb the nurse’s sleep. This concern is not necessary when we’re on your care team.

At Hospice of the Piedmont, we employ a dedicated team of healthcare professionals to support our patients and families during the night, evening, and weekend hours (outside of normal business hours). This team works solely during those off hours—so if you have a concern after 5 p.m., you’re not reaching someone who has already put in 12+ hours on the job. When you call, you’ll reach a triage nurse who responds to patient and family calls and concerns. The nurse can help answer questions about medications, deliver telephonic symptom management advice, or just provide emotional support. Members of the after-hours team can also make home visits after hours, if needed. We’re here for you, no matter what time you need us.