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Piedmont Care

What is Piedmont Care advanced illness program?

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Piedmont Care provides medical care to patients living with an advanced illness. The focus is on providing relief from the stress and symptoms (including pain, nausea, fatigue, shortness of breath, and more) of a serious illness while also attending to a patient’s and family members’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Advanced illnesses may include cancer, heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s, ALS and Parkinson’s, among others.

No matter where you call home—whether at home or in a skilled nursing facility, in private homes, an assisted living facility, or in a continuous care retirement community—Piedmont Care will come to you to help the management of pain and other advanced illness symptoms.

To request a consultation, ask your doctor about arranging a consultation with Piedmont Care or call us at 833-888-0265 or 434-423-0700 and we will follow up with your doctor.

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What is the focus of care?

  • The Piedmont Care program focuses on management of pain, anxiety, and the stress of dealing with an advanced illness.
  • A physician or nurse practitioner will make an in-person visit to help with navigating treatment options, support advance care planning, and provide referrals to community resources that will benefit quality of life.
  • Patients can continue to pursue curative treatment while receiving this care.
  • Patients may receive care from other practitioners, with consultation from additional team members or community resources, as needed, in coordination with the patient’s other health care providers.
  • Most individuals receive care on an intermittent basis that increases over time as their disease progresses.

Is this care right for me and how is it paid for?

If you need relief from pain and other symptoms and challenges associated with advanced illness, Piedmont Care can help you. Individuals currently pursuing curative treatments (such as chemotherapy, radiation, or dialysis) can benefit from the services available through Piedmont Care.

Patients who want to continue to live independently—receiving services wherever they call home, instead of in a hospital setting—are the best fit for this care program.

Piedmont Care services are covered through Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurers.